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Repair Leaking Showers and Waterproofing Bathrooms

Best not to prolong shower repairs! Problems associated with rundown showers may be due to incorrect or no waterproofing, damaged pipes, leaking showers or incorrect installations or tile laying. The main cause of long term water damage is mostly found in older homes with no shower bathroom waterproof membrane.

What is a waterproofing membrane? And why waterproofing bathrooms is important?

A waterproofing membrane is made from waterproof plastic, rubber, or coated fabric materials. This membrane is applied to all wet areas of the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The membrane is found under the tiles and above the render and is unnoticeable once a new bathroom renovation is complete. The purpose of this membrane is to stop water penetrating the wall and preventing water damage to your home or rental property. Not all older homes have waterproofing protection and unfortunately water damage can be seen on the opposite walls and signs of damage can be seen on bathroom and shower floors.

Causes of shower moisture, water leakage and water damage may be due to:

  • Ageing shower screens or incorrect installation
  • Star Ceramics thoroughly checks the installation of old shower screens. If a replacement is needed, we are complete bathroom suppliers and are able to supply and install new shower screens of all types – sliding shower screens, frameless shower screens, bathroom shower screens, shower enclosures.

    • Waterproofing bathroom membrane incorrectly applied.
    • Solutions to an inoperative applied membrane

      • Damaged pipes & leaking taps.
      • Leaking shower, corroded pipes, taps, tap mixers and shower heads. Shower repairs can be made or installation of new tapware could be required. Our licensed plumbers will install to industry standards.

        • Tiles & grout
        • Inspect the condition of bathroom grout. Search for damaged tiles and to make sure no water puddles sit on the shower floor.

          • Bathroom fan
          • A working bathroom fan with the assistance of an open window is needed for better air circulation to assist in the prevention of unwanted bathroom mold growth. Bathroom mold will cause bathroom ceiling paint to eventually peel, mold growth will appear on grout and in more serious cases on bathroom wall tiles.

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