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Bathroom Renovations St. George Area

Originally established in 1999, Star Ceramics has used the past 20 years to refine our renovation processes, techniques, tools and products to turn our family-owned and operated company into an industry leader in bathroom renovations. We take on both large and small projects all over St. George and greater Sydney regions, but we focus a lot of our renovation projects in the communities of Miranda, Cronulla and Hurstville.

Along with bathroom renovations St. George Area, we also excel at shower repairs and renovations, aged care bathroom renovations and laundry renovations. We also supply an exclusive line of premium bathroom products that can help pull a renovation project together or give your room a whole new look and feel.

Our continued dedication to putting our customers first and our meticulous attention to detail allowed us to quickly start to deliver impressive bathrooms that exceeded our clients’ expectations. We have gained a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in design, development and project management.

This industry knowledge comes supported by a small and talented team of skilled and licensed professionals who all dedicate themselves to delivering great service, fast and efficient projects, a high level of reliability and an uncompromising level of quality workmanship. It is vital to the success of our service that all our customers are satisfied by the highest standard of bathroom renovations St. George Area and by taking them through the right solutions we can guarantee that for them.

We want to take all of the hard work out of bathroom renovations while keeping the entire renovation process simple and straightforward. We listen to your wants, needs, specifications and requirements, and together we work to design a bathroom that is an essential part of your home and a destination for style, comfort and relaxation.

Our clients come to us because they know that we offer affordable bathroom renovations, excellent value for money, competitive quotes and beautiful results while staying within the set budget.

Get Comprehensive Renovations at Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer several renovation services at Star Ceramics to our communities in Cronulla, Hurstville, Miranda and Sutherland. We want to become our client’s one-stop shop for all of their high-quality renovations in St. George and the greater Sydney regions. This is what we offer:

Aged Care Bathroom Renovations

While the bathroom is an essential part of anyone’s home, we understand the hidden dangers and hazards that come with having wet bathrooms or areas on the floor. This is why we work hard to renovate bathrooms to turn these former slippery and wet areas into safe zones for aged care. Our goal is to deliver a stylish but functional space that has all of the necessary accessories and equipment our clients need to remain independent, comfortable and safe.

Our affordable bathroom renovation St. George solutions for aged care throughout St. George and greater Sydney Regions are the perfect ways to help someone remain in their home. We’ll incorporate everything you need in the bathroom design, renovation and products while keeping within your budget. We can provide several quality safety features including:

Age Care Shower Kits

  • Floor or wall-mounted backrests for back support
  • Fold-able shower seats
  • Horizontal and vertical grab bars, side assist rails, comfort rails and twin assist grab rails
  • Increase shower size for easy wheelchair access
  • User-friendly bathroom tap ware
  • Non-slip bathroom floor tiles

Our professional team will work to finish your bathroom renovation quickly and within budget, and we understand that a new or updated bathroom is a lifetime purchase.

Bathroom Renovations

We excel at bathroom renovations of all types. Once we have a good understanding of what you want and need in your new bathroom, we’ll design a concept and bring it to life with your new renovation. Our team will work to keep you informed every step of the process, and we’ll do everything we can to stay in your budget. Additionally, we offer bathroom renovation solutions for your new or existing bathroom space including:

  • An increase in bathroom size
  • Bathroom product installations
  • Bathroom repairs
  • Complete bathroom relocation
  • Identifying water damage or bathroom problems
  • New bathroom design
  • Shower screen installation

Once we finish your bathroom renovation, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we back everything with a seven-year guarantee. This is a construction and waterproofing warranty that excludes fittings, problems due to foundation issues or natural disasters.

Laundry Renovations

Like many homes in Sutherland Shire and greater Sydney, the laundry room doubles as a storage space, and it’s most likely one of the smaller rooms in your home. We offer creative solutions that help our clients maximise their space and storage capabilities while maintaining the room’s functionality.

We bring our 20 years of experience to each laundry renovation project we take on, and this helps us maximise our clients’ counter space, bench top space and cabinet space. Our staff can also help manage the renovation from the conception to finish, keep the lines of communication open throughout the renovation process, deliver quality work with a team of licensed professionals and we’re able to offer an affordable laundry room renovation kit.

At Star Ceramics, we offer several laundry makeover and renovation options for both big and small laundry rooms. These include:

  • Adding a double sink
  • Adding more storage space
  • Customising your laundry room to suit your needs
  • Making the laundry room practical and functional
  • Personalising your bench tops and laundry cabinets

Finally, we’re also able to add tile to your laundry room walls and floors, add a shower or toilet, add a window or skylight and increase your laundry room’s size.

Shower Repairs and Renovations

When it comes to shower repairs, it’s essential that you take care of any obvious problems quickly to reduce any damage. We mainly find water damage due to older showers and bathrooms lacking a waterproof membrane, and incorrect pipe or tiles, damaged pipes and leaking showers can all contribute.

Star Ceramics specialises in incorporating waterproof membranes that come from either coated fabric, rubber or plastic. All wet areas of the bathroom and shower need this waterproof membrane, and you can typically find it under and above the render so it provides an invisible layer or protection.

We’ll work hard to locate any leaks or damage and repair them quickly and effectively. We check for proper installation of older shower screens and update them as needed to provide a more watertight seal. We have licensed plumbers on staff who will update your tap ware and install new plumbing as needed. Finally, we check any fans and tile to make sure that there are no cracks and that everything is in good working order.


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