Laundry Renovation in Sydney

It is possible to create a laundry you love!

We understand that the laundry is an important work and storage room within every Sydney home and in most cases the laundry is probably one of the smallest rooms in the house. The good news is that with every laundry room, when talking to the right people, a great laundry makeover or custom laundry renovation solution is always available.

Star Ceramics is able to offer creative and effective custom laundry ideas and concepts to assist in maximising cabinet space and bench top space, and incorporating creative style in making the laundry room a pleasant working environment.

If more is needed, we are able to provide a complete custom laundry renovation. Below is a list of our capabilities and solutions we are able to assist you with.

Our capabilities include:

  • Managing the laundry renovation from initial design to finished product
  • Listening to your needs throughout the design stage and keep communicating throughout the process of the project
  • Providing a team of licensed trade professionals, delivering quality work and attention to the smallest detail
  • We are also a physical bathroom ware shopfront and are able to offer an affordable package kit
  • We can assist in the following laundry makeovers to laundry renovation options:

  • Customising your laundry to suit your individual needs
  • Adding more storage space to your laundry
  • Personalising your laundry cabinets
  • Personalising your laundry bench top
  • Adding a double sink to your laundry wash area
  • Making the laundry room functional and practical
  • Other options may include:

  • Tiling the laundry walls and floor
  • Adding a shower or toilet to your laundry room
  • Adding a window or a skylight for additional light
  • Increasing laundry room size
  • For a laundry renovation design, measure and quote, contact Star Ceramics Australia on 02 9580 8777.