Our Favourite Trends for Sydney Bathroom Renovations in 2022

At Star Ceramics, we’ve certainly noticed a boost in people interested in the latest trends and ways to give their Sydney bathroom renovations a little extra kick. While the traditional styles and layouts are still quite popular with many homeowners across the city, we’ve been inundated with people asking about what is in store for 2022. 

There are a number of small eccentricities that can be implemented with Sydney bathroom renovations that can add a certain spark to the end result, and the best part is, they’re ridiculously affordable. From style and materials to some technological marvels that take comfort to a whole new level – there’s not much you cannot do with Sydney bathroom renovations in 2022. 

We’re here today to give you an insight into our favourite trends that are taking the city by storm, who knows you may find yourself inspired to try some out for yourself. 

Heated Floors + Towel Racks

Let’s begin with some technologically innovative trends we’re being asked about by those looking at Sydney bathroom renovations. We’ve seen a dramatic number of social media posts of people showing off their heated towel racks and the comforting warmth that follows each and every shower they’ll likely have. While these used to be quite cumbersome and expensive, thanks to the passing of time and further innovations, these additions are easier than ever to implement. 

With colder and colder winters being on the cards for our fair country, it should go without saying that the idea of heated floors is becoming a necessity in all Sydney bathroom renovations. No one likes cold feet after having such a relaxing long shower – and we want our clients to have the best experience possible. 

That’s why we’re offering a cheeky special for our beloved clients with Free under-floor heating installation with our Sydney bathroom renovations! Book in a quote to secure your spot now!

Ceiling Mounted Showerheads

Another cool trend we’re seeing a lot of in 2022 with Sydney bathroom renovations is in the size and placement of showerheads. The old metallic arms are still quite classically chic of course – but we’re finding a lot of these waterfall styles and aesthetics simply too good to resist. 

Take this 300 Square Black Shower Rose Head that is one of the jewels of Star Ceramics – this beautiful design and effortless flow output adds such a tremendous and striking look to a modern shower, particularly paired with striking black and white colour palates.

As mounting becomes easier to implement, we’re sure you’ve noticed the growing popularity of wall-mounted basins and even toilets. The simple act of mounting them and keeping more of the floor clear adds a lot more openness to Sydney bathroom renovations.  

Considering A Remodel? Consider Star Ceramics 

These were only a couple of our favourite trends that are dominating the conversation surrounding Sydney bathroom renovations. Of course, we know not everyone has the same palate and taste, we want to know what would make your house feel like home. 

We’re always ready and waiting to give you our take on what we can and cannot do with your space – we always have your safety in mind as well, that’s why we also have COVID-Safe WhatsApp and FaceTime consultations available should you prefer. 

There’s no time like now to upgrade your life with Sydney bathroom renovations!