Increase Property Value Whilst Adding Additional Living Comfort to Your Home

Over time as your home ages, your bathroom may become run down, damaged or simply visually out of style. Consequently, a lot of homeowners are striving for a renovation and this may be the time to do it. A newly renovated bathroom will bring you the modern benefits of new bathroom accessories as well as a bathroom revival that will be greatly enjoyed by the entire family and your guests. What many people do not realise is that the value of your property after a bathroom renovation will increase, and may even increase higher than the overall bathroom spend.

This makes things a lot more interesting with a combination of added property value, and the benefit of added comfort and better living. If you decide to proceed you will come across two options; option one is a complete bathroom renovation and option two is a simpler bathroom makeover, this usually includes the renewal of all bathroom fixtures; and is mainly suited for less aged and not heavily rundown bathrooms.

Helpful Tips to get you started

The following tips will come in handy when you plunge into a bathroom renovation:

1. Stick to your designated budget. It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of renovating your home and in particular, a kitchen or bathroom as these are heavily used spaces.

2. Make a list of all the bathroom items you will need – begin with the most essential fixtures down to decorative accessories. This will better prepare you for the bathroom renovation consultation and quotation process.

3. Make it official and consult a licensed bathroom renovation company to discuss your needs, ideas and overall the required accomplishments. Most, if not all contractors will provide you with a free onsite consultation and quotation. When you find the shoe that fits, that is the right contractor with promising Google reviews, proceed to go ahead.

4. Together with your Bathroom Renovation Manager plan the entire process, stage by stage and discuss how you plan to use the bathroom on a daily basis. Request fixtures that will help your daily rituals. This may be a light-up mirror, twin shower, storage needs, heated floors to fight off the cold during the winter season, or a sliding shower screen to keep the water out? Consider the positioning of your fixtures and the visual style you want to achieve. A good Bathroom Renovation Manager will help you achieve all your needs, as well as help, keep the renovation within your set budget.

5. Avoid clutter, less is better. Large tiles allow small bathroom spaces to look bigger. A wall hung vanity will give small spaces greater space in appearance. More is not always best. Strive for simplicity also in your decor. One candle, one trending soap bottle, not three or four cramped items on display.

Thoughts to consider before renovating your Bathroom

WATERPROOFING & TILING: For some homeowners, older homes, waterperoofing may have not been done when the origianl build took place. After an inspection and proven the batroom exists minus the waterproofing, the best option here is for a complete bathroom renovation. The purpose of waterproofing is to keep unwanted water out of walls, whether be brick or other materials and from seeping through the floors. Water does not belong in these areas of your home, and with no water in these areas progressive damage will stop, no bathroom tiles becoming unstuck, no peeling paint on the reverse side of the wall, no mould will grow within walls and many more benefits resulting from quality waterproofing in wet areas.

The good news is you get to re-tile, think of an empty canvas. Your choice of wall and floor tiles will drastically transform the look and mood of a bathroom. There are countless tile finishes, shapes and sizes, as well as textures from matt, gloss, rough texture, pattern to 3D. Collections in today’s market are simply amazing, and without a doubt do meet even the most extravagant demands of the customer in terms of look and maintenance.

TWIN BASIN VANITY: If your bathroom space allows it installing a double/twin sink vanity is a proactive bathroom concept to consider, for larger households this will allow two members to use at the same time, allowing for a smaller queue, fewer arguments and better household moods. With growing families and overblown schedules the installation of a double sink vanity is more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

BATHROOM LIGHTING: Lighting can come from 4 places. From the bathroom window, skylight, ceiling lights and from an LED bathroom mirror. Consider the strength of light required at it’s highets, to its lowest for when ambient mood is needed for downtime and relaxation. Positionging of the lights will play a major factor in optimum and comfortable lighting results. Discuss this with your bathroom designer/manager during the planning stage as not all bahtrooms are the same.

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