Add Comfort and Value To Your Home

Add Comfort and Value To Your Home

Whether you have a new or older home, over time your bathroom becomes cramped and shabby or runs out of style. Consequently a lot of homeowners are striving for a renovation, and you may be one of them. A newly renovated bathroom can hugely increase both your home value and personal comfort.

No matter if you opt for a complete bathroom renovation or just a simple bathroom makeover, your options are countless; from a small bathroom renovation to a large bathroom renovation, from a classic bathroom to a high-tech bathroom design. All this hustle and bustle around the bathroom renovation process can be stressful, but you will be startled with the results once the bathroom renovations are complete.

Add Value With A Newly Renovated Bathroom

A bathroom renovation varies from fixing a small part in your bathroom such as tap fixtures, room décor or toilet suite to complete remodeling. Often when you begin repairing one thing, the rest follows – you notice that you are not satisfied with that leaking shower head or dim lighting over your makeup mirror. Suddenly the bold thought crosses your mind – to take radical steps and renovate the whole bathroom! After thinking over all pros and cons of your prospected venture and realising that it is not a sudden whim, but a necessity – start planning! Remember, you won’t be able to renovate your bathroom overnight. Before you commit to bathroom renovations, take time to consider carefully the expense, duration of the whole process and the final long term outcome.

The following tips will come in handy when you plunge into a complete bathroom renovation:

1. Budget, Budget and yes, once again – Budget. It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of renovating your bathroom and spend too much money on unnecessary knick-knacks. Plan the whole process stage by stage to avoid wasting money as well as time.
2. Make a list of all the bathroom items you will need – begin with the most essential fixtures down to decorative accessories.
3. Avoid cluttering up your bathroom with unnecessary items in order to use bathroom space. When choosing tiles and decorating keep your colour pallet low to a variety of up 2-3 colour variations. More is not always best. Strive for simplicity. You may want to consider choosing colours that are proven to boost your mood or colours that help you relax.
4. Consult a licensed complete bathroom contractor to receive professional advice on specific issues that may arise during the renovation process and ask for a free onsite quote to get an idea of the total cost.

Having your bathroom or shower area retiled will contribute to both the value and comfort of your home. For some older bathrooms, tiles may be a necessity if waterproofing was not done in the past. For others re-tiling can drastically transform the look and mood of a bathroom. There are countless tile colours and types from classic ceramic, designer and floral print ceramics, glass and porcelain tiles to natural stone tiles with lofty marble designs in today’s market to meet even the most extravagant demands of the customer.

Installing double sinks is another bathroom renovation idea, especially if there are two or more members in your family. Imagine waking up in the morning, limited on time, hurrying to work, you rush into the bathroom only to find out that your sink is occupied by your older daughter who is taking her time to put make-up on! The frustration creeps in, but you don’t want to be rude, waiting patiently (or impatiently) until she is done… What if you had a bathroom vanity with double sinks? It will instantly double the functionality of your bathroom by enabling two of you to get ready and talk at the same time, starting your day on a great note. Today’s busy schedules make the installation of double sinks more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

Now you are a little more aware of a couple of ideas on how to add value, style and comfort to your existing bathroom and property with a newly renovated bathroom, which will create a refreshed look for your entire home, customised to fit your taste and budget.

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