7 Great Bathroom Makeover Tips

Bathrooms in Sydney today are designed with all the necessary criteria to have you start your day refreshed and motivated. The bathroom is used by every member of the family every day, consequently a practical, well-organized bathroom space with glamorous bathroom tiles, good storage, beautiful fixtures and sufficient lighting with

A touch of stylish décor will leave a comforting atmosphere and enhance your bathroom needs, both physical and emotional. Keep these 7 bathroom renovation tips in mind when planning your next bathroom renovation and the results will be well worth every dollar spent.

Bathroom Renovation Tips – Get The Results You Want!

1. Let’s start with buying a new bathtub
Before buying a bathtub, sit in it. Make sure your arms rest comfortably along the sides, your neck is well supported on the lip and that your back rests with ease and comfort on the angled back and surrounding curves of the bathtub.
If your bathroom space will only allow a small bathtub, compensate with a bathtub that is a little deeper. Above all for small bathrooms make sure you get the bathtub length measurements correct. The last thing you want is a bathtub that does not fit within the confined space of your bathroom.

2. Choose bathroom tapware and fixtures that are pleasing to the eye
Today’s selection of tap fixtures, mixers, bath spouts and shower heads just seem endless with chrome, gold, matt black/white and even crystal finishes. Choosing the square look will give your bathroom a modern appeal, meanwhile the simple round curves attract a more elegant look. Add detail to the curved lines on your tapware and you move into a classic more French look. But most importantly when choosing tapware stick with the bathroom fixtures that will not only promote the style you desire but also bring functionality to your bathroom space as these items are used every day.

Remember! The options for beautiful bathroom fixtures are innumerable from elegant bathroom mirrors, durable designer basins, frameless shower screens, classic clawfoot bathtubs, heated towel rails, innovative toilet suites to drop dead gorgeous lighting.

3. Maximize bathroom space by adding storage
For those families with two or more children you can never have too much bathroom storage. If there is extra space remaining between your wall studs, use it to your advantage by inserting a tall storage bathroom cabinet to employ vertical storage, saving floor space at the same time. Not all storage compartments are made simply ugly. Choose from either a durable poly or a natural wooden finish. Get creative! Add a custom-made mirror to the front of your vertical storage cabinet and you’ll have a full length body mirror.

4. Create an enjoyable shower area
It’s simple – We all love a warm shower! Some of us sing while others simply take deep breaths and unwind. What we don’t want is to stand in a cramped shower space feeling closed in or claustrophobic. First of all, look at how much space you have and consider if a modular or custom-built shower is best for you. Think long term; saving a few dollars now and not getting the shower that is best for you may be your biggest mistake.

Bathroom Renovation Tips and Options to Look At:

A modular shower will fit just about in any bathroom space; this assembled shower kit comes in a number of parts that are compiled together inside the bathroom. Your feet stand on plastic flooring while all walls are covered in glass. If you don’t mind closed spaces then this bath space may be to your liking. If you choose a single-piece shower, which is provided in one piece, make sure in advance that it will fit through your bathroom door.

A custom-built shower area with custom wall tiles and floor tiles, complimented with a stylish long thin floor grate. Choose from either a wall or ceiling shower head, matched with a designer shower mixer. Add glass shower walls and doors or go for an open-concept shower area without any curtains or doors just the use of an elegant almost unnoticeable shower glass screen that makes your shower less confining. This project will require a professional touch, allowing you to customise your shower area to your own liking.

Hire professionals, qualified and licensed bathroom renovators to do this important job. Discuss what is needed to get the job done right from design to demolition through to rendering and waterproofing, plumbing, tiling and installing. Be assured when done by a professional not only will you have peace of mind but the final product will be astonishing with the desired results achieved!

5. Improve Bathroom Ventilation
A wet room like the bathroom needs proper ventilation. Using a fan is preferred in most cases to avoid moisture build-up. Choose the right bathroom fan determined by bathroom size and install it immediately. If you currently have a fan that is clogged, have it cleaned or replaced. Poor ventilation will leave your bathroom damp, mouldy and eventually will harm your health. A well-ventilated bathroom does not just contribute to your health, but constant airflow can also prevent both the deterioration of ceiling paint, any wooden fixtures and the wetness of building insulation materials. Above all please remember to open your bathroom window on a daily basis.

6. Adjust lighting in your bathroom.
Good bathroom lighting is crucial for your bathroom. Lighting in the bathroom should harmonize with the natural light and serve the needs of bathroom users. Plan your bathroom lighting pattern accordingly:

• General lighting can be adjusted to the room’s natural light source that changes during the day. This type of lighting is provided by pendant lamps and down lights furnished with dimmer switches.

• Heat Lights offer comfort by adding a touch of warmth. Mostly used during those cold winter mornings and nights.

• Decorative lighting adds elegance and style. Decorative bathroom lighting can be added over or beside mirrors and sinks for additional lighting as it will be convenient for putting make-up on and shaving.

• Strip LED Lights soften the mood. Strip LED lights are usually seen either under the bathroom mirror or under the bathroom vanity. Choose a warm light for a cozy effect.

7. Buy a low water consumption toilet.
Older toilet models use about 20 litres of water per flush; contemporary models use only 6 litres. It is easy to see the difference. You can buy a modern and low-consumption toilet for the same price, at the same time saving water and caring for the environment.
Toilets usually fall into the following three categories:

• Wall Faced toilet suites: The most attractive feature is that the back of the pan sits flush against the wall, covering those unattractive PVC pipes creating a seamless finish and streamlined look. One complete unit to allow for easy cleaning. Their seamless structure is also known to reduce the number of leaks between the tanks.

• Two-piece toilets are more affordable and easier to transport, making them very popular nowadays. Two piece toilet means that the bowl is bolted to the tank. Both function comparably, though a one-piece toilet will be easier to clean. Some of the two-piece toilets hide the PVC pipes while others don’t.

• Wall-mount toilets. With these toilets, the water tank is built into the wall. These types of toilets are compact, which makes them perfect for small bathrooms and areas where space is limited. Visually these toilets portray a sleek modern look.
When purchasing a toilet, choose models with elongated bowls and seats, they are usually the most comfortable.

Having a licensed bathroom contractor handle your renovation project is a solid investment that can and will enhance its features, functionality and increase property value. For comfort in quality workmanship choose a company that manages the entire bathroom renovation from start to finish. Ensuring smart bathroom design, quality work and easy communication yet managing all the technical detail in between.

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