5 Makeover Ideas for Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Your lavatory should be the area in your home that provides peace and tranquillity. For some properties that might not be the case. You might have tiles that need fixing. A vanity that needs a refresher. No matter the issue, it’s important to give your toilet and shower some tender loving care. If your vanity room isn’t looking up to speed, then it might be time to hire bathroom renovations in Sydney.  Now that you’ve decided to take upon the challenge, you must still be scratching your head at how you can best upgrade your space. For those who have no clue about interior design, Star Ceramics has instigated a guide outlining a few wonderful ideas for bathroom renovations in Sydney you can do. 

Questions To Ask About Before We Begin

1.  What is your budget for bathroom renovations in Sydney?

2.  Does the vanity space suit your lifestyle?

3.  How much space do you have in your lavatory?

4.  How many individuals will be using the toilet and shower?

5.  What are the downsides of your vanity space that requires bathroom renovations in Sydney?

1. Shower  

You might have an issue with the way your shower appears requiring a bathroom renovation in Sydney to step in. There are many ways to upgrade your showers such as curtains, a glass door, or having no door for more open space. Another way to dramatically change your shower is by upgrading your shower head. As they are easy to replace and are an affordable way to add some pizzazz to your shower, you can easily install it right away. Adding a thermostatic valve will balance out the temperatures in your shower to make sure you don’t get random spurts of cold or warm temperatures during pressure changes. If your space is on the smaller side, it might be recommended to have a combined shower and bathtub combo to be able to do both. 

2. Flooring & Walls

Another perfect way to do bathroom renovations in Sydney is by having the right flooring to stand on and walls to cover. Natural stone is one of the most preferred options for an upgrade as it will add charm and sophistication to any space it is held in. There are many choices to pick depending on the style or price. Tiles are also a popular go-to because you can tailor them to your liking based on shape, colour, size, and much more. You can also hire bathroom renovations in Sydney for your wall to add wallpaper, wallpaper, photo frames, or artworks. In order to do this, it must be kept away from the splash zone and ensure you have the right ventilation to ward off moisture build-up. This is a simple and cost-effective solution to add some personality to your vanity space without a head-to-toe makeover.  

3. Storage

If you have a small space, a great way to space out your products is by having a built-in shower niche to allow you to simply grab your items as you are washing. These are great as they are easy to clean and sort your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  When it comes to the vanity, it is highly important to do bathroom renovations in Sydney that work with your overall budget and vision for the project. If you are looking to cut costs, it is important to have a vanity that already is in line with your current plumbing. A good way to spruce up your walls is by adding storage such as shelves, mirror cabinets, towel racks, hooks, and even, a built-in linen closet. There are many different options to choose from to do your bathroom renovations in Sydney to maximize storage space while making it look appealing at the same time.

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