4 Important Complete Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom inspiration and bathroom design

Before you commit to a bathroom renovation, know your current bathroom space and especially your current lifestyle needs. How do I want the bathroom to look and operate to my needs and to  my growing family’s needs? Research inspirational bathroom designs, themes, styles, colours as well as bathroom products and product brands. 

Options are almost limitless. You can opt for a modern, contemporary, classic, luxury, minimalist, beach themed or a basic bathroom build. With a little research and understanding of your needs, your current bathroom space and size, the desired bathroom style will stand out prominently.

Once you feel confident in the direction you desire to proceed in, make it a reality – contact a bathroom renovation company to help you turn those ideas into official bathroom floor plans and eventually a finished product that will be appreciated and enjoyed, years on end.

Note: You are not buying lunch or an outfit. Take your time and place some solid thought into the task at hand. Ask family members and friends for their advice, experience and thoughts. Use all your resources at hand, it’s sure to help in the process. Plus, it’s fun…

Is bathroom storage important?   

Is bathroom storage important?   
Simple answer: Yes! Every bathroom needs to store a heap of personal care essentials, toiletries and perhaps daily routine private medicines. For efficiency and practicality having enough space to hold these items in the one room, in this case the bathroom, will make the use of storage in your bathroom extremely practical. Think about it, moving from room to room, perhaps in the morning or during or after a shower to collect an item you may need or have forgotten can pinch a nerve at times. Having all or most items organised in the one location is without a doubt clever living.

Keep this in mind during the design stage, focus on your storage space, its location and perhaps even think about the items you desire to store in them for a complete practical bathroom.

Bathroom storage solutions may include:

  • Floor or wall hung bathroom vanities, in soft closing drawers or with cabinet doors
  • Built-in bathroom cupboards
  • Bathroom Tallboys for narrow spaces
  • Mirrored cabinets
  • Shower Niche or glass, ceramic shower shelving
  • Bathroom floating timber shelves

Bathroom storage products and design styles available are ample, the options are many hence you have much to be excited about during the product storage selection process. Apart from complete custom cabinets, recognised retail brands to consider are ADP or Timberline bathroom vanities, mirror cabinets and tallboys.

Bathroom ventilation and the importance

Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation!! We all love a hot and steamy bath throughout the cold winter days! To be bathed in hot steam can also have health benefits. But…eventually high levels of humidity and moisture in the air, in a short period of time, begin to deteriorate delicate bathroom products such as mirrors and vanities. Keep in mind although these products are designed to be water resistant, they are clearly without a doubt not waterproof, and unfortunately some of the cheaper products found on the market also have a poor water resistant barrier. Daily steam and high humidity can end up costing you thousands of dollars on damaged goods and bathroom repairs.

Another benefit of good ventilation and lowering humidity is the prevention of mould and bacteria growth. Daily humidity in a small bathroom space, without adequate ventilation will promote mould growth and in turn may have negative effects not only on your health but on your bathroom products, grout and paintwork. In turn resulting in more daily cleaning rituals, more repairs and more expenses.

To promote less maintenance and a healthy bathroom space things to consider before you begin to renovate your bathroom are:

– Opt for a quality bathroom exhaust fan. If your bathroom window has a small opening with minimal airflow, consider installing perhaps a bathroom exhaust fan unit with high capacity airflow power. Try to avoid low budget, low airflow exhaust fans that will only do half the job.

 A solid unit will remove unwanted humidity, thus save you money from the prevention of damaged goods, flaking bathroom wall or ceiling paint and improve bathroom air quality for a healthy bathroom. 

– Install a larger Window. If the budget and bathroom space allows it, go bigger and install a larger bathroom window on your next bathroom renovation.

– Add a Skylight, a gift of natural light and great airflow if you opt for an opening skylight. Combined with the bathroom exhaust fan, a skylight results in an added barrier in resisting mould growth.

– If moisture is clearly dominating even with a window and exhaust fan, perhaps avoid super hot and steamy lengthy showers as a daily routine.

TIPS: If you can see moisture present in the air after a bath or shower, to assist in its removal of humidity open the window to maximum capacity, make sure your exhaust fan is kept on even for an addition 5 minutes after your shower and wipe down your bathroom mirror and bathroom vanity with an absorbent hand towel to remove any moisture buildup that may be visible on the surface.

Hire a complete bathroom renovations specialist

Avoid the difficult task of DIY. From a hazardous and messy demolition, to vital plumbing, electrical, waterproofing, and tiling, and the delicate finishing touches a bathroom renovation requires can become a nightmare task for a DIY renovator.

Opt for professionals who are licensed and insured. Who hold 100’s if not 1000’s of bathroom renovations worth of experience under their belt. Who hold a solid reputation, who are an award winning company and have outstanding authentic Google review ratings from recent customer feedback.

Benefits of using a complete bathroom renovation company:

  • Offer bathroom design solutions, complete custom bathroom designs based on your bathroom theme and bathroom lifestyle needs
  • Help you select the right bathroom products for your visual desires and practical needs
  • Will not go over your agreed bathroom renovation budget
  • All work will come with a Warranty
  • Completed in the agreed timeframe. No waiting for trades to arrive on time, or overcharge on unforeseen minimal obstacles.
  • A team of qualified, experienced professionals who deliver high end craftsmanship and only use premium materials on every project with a big or small budget
  • Your very own personal manager, to oversee the project from start to finish and will keep you informed on the progress stages.
  • Safe and clean worksite. Expect a clean site every single day

For all bathroom renovation needs in Sydney contact Star Ceramics. This team is the best in the business, friendly and great to work with.